Understanding Science & Evolution

I am a paleobiologist, and I am therefore immersed in evolutionary biology on a regular basis.  I study and refer to evolution often, and I want to be sure that all my students and all who visit and read my posts are clear on what I mean and do not mean about evolution and science.

Certainly, there exist many web pages on the theory of evolution by a wide variety of people and organizations, and many of these pages espouse a particular world-view or religious conviction.  Often, the scientific theory of evolution is intermixed with these world-views and philosophies, making the separation of theory from philosophy or opinion very difficult.  I wanted to provide a resource on this blog that tried – as much as possible – to cut to the chase and present evolution, natural selection, and science as a tool succinctly and unfiltered.

I do not wish to change anyone’s religion, viewpoint, or world-view, nor do I wish to debate the merits and/or pitfalls of anyone’s particular belief system – please do not e-mail or contact me to debate with you.

I have tried – as much as possible –  not to make these pages a typical creation vs. evolution debate.

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2 thoughts on “Understanding Science & Evolution

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