The NAMS Research Symposium Winners

Just a short post to make you aware that the winners of the 2014 NAMS Research Symposium are now posted on-line.

A big series of “thank you”s is necessary.  On behalf of Tara Luke and myself, we thank each and every one of our faculty and students for such an amazing turn-out at the NAMS Research Symposium this spring!  Thanks go out to all of the NAMS staff for their help with our student research. I also want to thank the judges for their time and input:  Adam Aguiar, David Burleigh, Justine Ciraolo, Nate Hartman, Marie Jelinski, and Chrissy Schairer.  We also want to again extend our thanks to David Dimmerman and his staff for coordinating the poster printing.  Finally, we thank Dean Weiss, Provost Kesselman, and President Saatkamp for their continuing support of our student research.