The Visit to Brown University

Radha Varadharajan at Brown with Beth Brainerd.

Radha Varadharajan at Brown with Beth Brainerd.

After spending five valuable days at Brown University, Dr. Matthew Bonnan and I learned a great deal about C-arm fluoroscopes and with XROMM technology. The early stages involved getting accustomed to the protocols of working with the fluoroscopes. This step was pivotal for the machines emit an innocuous but not neglible amount of radiation to capture the motions of our rats: Pink, Floyd, Evan, Rudy, Harry, and Taylor.  Personally, the pinnacle of the visit to Brown can be identified as the days the rats walked across the beam. With much guidance from both me and Dr. Bonnan, our furry test subjects were cajoled across the plank or dowel. Although Dr. Bonnan was the primary coaxer of our scampering participants, I was also able to give a hand in guiding them.

Within a few days into the visit, I was amazed with the advanced technologies at Brown. Comprehending the process of how the fluoroscopes operated was especially intriguing. Because I was able to accompany Dr. Bonnan on this trip to Brown University, not only did I understand the innovational technology that is XROMM, but I was also able to contribute in the smallest way possible in understanding the evolution of forelimb posture.

Here is Radha coaxing Pink the Rat through the X-ray beams.

Here is Radha coaxing Pink the Rat through the X-ray beams.

I would like to conclude this post by expressing my utmost gratitude to numerous individuals that allowed for my collaboration. My involvement in this educational visit would not have been feasible without the generous contribution of Dr. Robert Fine; Dr. Fine’s munificent gesture solely funded my trip. I would also like to thank Dr. Elizabeth Brainerd and Dr. Angela Horner for their guidance. Finally, I would like acknowledge Dr. Bonnan for his unceasing support.  Without his patience, I would not have been able to discover the numerous benefits of researching in such a compelling field.


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