Abstracts and Poster Numbers for Stockton NAMS Research Symposium now on-line

This brief post is to notify students, faculty, and all of those interested that the NAMS Research Symposium Abstracts and Poster Numbers have now been published on this blog.  Again, the NAMS Research Symposium will be held on April 19, 2013, from 3-5 PM in the atrium between the C&D wings.

For students and faculty involved in presenting research: follow the link to the on-line NAMS Research Symposium abstracts and locate the number of your posterPosters are listed in alphabetical order by the first author.  There will be numbers posted in the Atrium between the C&D wings on Friday, April 19, by 11:00 AM.  From 11:00 AM to 2:50 PM, students should hang their posters under their designated poster number.  Drs. Tara Luke and Matthew Bonnan will be available during these times to assist students with setting up their posters.

Given that we have 46 presentations, please make sure that you place your poster under the correct number that you have been assigned.

Thanks to all the students and faculty for submitting so many interesting research abstracts, and we invite the Stockton community and anyone else who can attend to come and see this work.


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