Settling into our new home, settling into Stockton College

This is a brief blog post to let everyone know:

  1. My family and I are finally settling into our new home base of Stockton College.
  2. That we survived a complex and at times horrendous move.
  3. That our livestock, including me, made the trip from Illinois to New Jersey reasonably unscathed.
  4. That Dr. White and I are enjoying teaching our first new crop of students at Stockton.
  5. That the blur and rush of uprooting and planting ourselves in “foreign” soil is subsiding.
  6. That my brain now has the luxury of thinking about dinosaurs and other past life again.

Cheers and thanks to all my blog followers for hanging in there.  Extra special thanks to friends and family who made a difficult move and career change less painful.

Be well and soon(ish), new posts about dinosaurs and all other things paleontological shall commence.